Installation of Apache / MySQL / PHP / phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu for PHP / MySQL Development

After resolving to coming to Linux, the first task was to install PHP development environment on my Linux distribution, Ubuntu 10.04 .

My Experiments with Open Source - second innings with Linux

I had been wanting to come to Linux after giving up Windows. Around two and a half years back, I had installed Ubuntu and completed a PHP prject while dabbling with it. But, after around four months, I reverted to Windows fully. However, I hadn't uninstalled Ubuntu. In fact, I would upgrade it regularly - but as far as usage was concerned, I used Ubuntu only for browsing or occasionally for OpenOffice. My preference of Windows was my being used to the Windows GUI and finding myself a bit out of place at Ubuntu.

An introduction to Version Control Systems

All experienced software developers know that despite our wishes, some of the lines in new code might break some existing functionality or might even introduce a bug - in software engineering lingo, it is known as regression. Many developers use backup and manual copying to deal with the eventuality of regression - but there is a limit to how many backup copies you can keep. Maintaining such improvised backup versions can become tedious and a source of confusion in itself, especially for large and complex projects with frequent changes.

Variables in JavaScript and the var keyword

JavaScript has a feature that it is not compulsory to declare variables. As long as you don't use functions for writing code, this might be a convenience. However, as you start writing serious code in JavaScript and start using function, then it becomes important to understand the implications of this feature.

Detecting and Removing Rootkit from Windows XP

I used to think that I am quite quite an aware user as far as computer security is concerned and it was unlikely for my PC to suffer virus / malware attach. In fact, during my more than 15 years of computer use, my computers have never suffered a severe infection. If my computer got affected, the culprit virus was easily detected and removed without any damage. My anti-virus was always equal to the occasion. I became complacent with time and full-system scan, instead of being done everyday, became a weekly, then monthly and even more infrequent.

Creating subdomains in Xampp for local development on Windows XP (हिंदी)

मैं अपने local PC पर development and testing के लिए xampp इस्तेमाल करता हूँ. अभी Zend Framework सीखते हुए मुझे महसूस हुआ की URL कुछ ज्यादा ही लम्बे हो रहे थे| मैंने विक्रम वासवानी की किताब में पढ़ा भी की किस तरह लम्बे-लम्बे URL टाइप करने की बजाये subdomain बना कर URL छोटे किये जा सकते हैं.

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