Migration of Windows 7 to a new hard disk Part II - All is well that ends well

Am back again, only this time to share my newly found happiness. Yes, my Windows 7 is running from a new primary partition without any dependency on the legacy Windows XP in a large partition with plenty of room for elbow, leg and if you like stilts :)

Could help but persist from my last week's multiple failed attempts which had made me somewhat wiser. I sat back and tried to put what I had learnt in perspective.

I again used clonezilla to clone my full hard disk to the new one without any changes. Then, I physically disconnected the power and SATA wires of my old hard disk and booted from the new hard disk and it was really difficult to make out if anything had changed at all. Everything was the same except now, I had more unallocated space at the end of my hard disk.

I then rebooted with the Windows Repair Disk and copied the bootmgr and the boot folder from the original Windows XP partition to the Windows 7 logical drive

Once inside Windows 7, I again fired up Minitool Partition Wizard and used it to:
> deleted all OS and swap partitions for Ubuntu and Fedora;
> delete the original primary partition holding Windows XP;
> delete the sibling logical partition to the Windows 7 primary partition;
> converted the Windows 7 partition to a primary partition;
> Resized the Windows 7 partition to occupy space left unallocated by the two deleted Windows partitions;
> Made the Windows 7 partition, now a primary partition, active;

However,all ended well after I also surmounted the following issues:
> Removed excess entries from the booting options using bcdedit;
> Change the signature of the original disk because signature collision after cloning prevented from booting. Otherwise, it would stay offline and not be accessible by the new Windows installation - managed by changing the MBR and making all partitions inactive;
> However, all this monkey business resulted in Windows 7 requiring re-activation which I promptly did;
> Also, I realised that I had all my primary partitions occupied and our System Administrator had actually created even the swap partition for Linux in a primary partition

Regarding leaving unchanged changes in Drupal, I hope there is something which prevents / warns this - This should be happening in all applications.

I hope my current setup and my regained confidence will go a long way in helping me change the world for the better :) - but first let me get back to installing Linux in the VirtualBox.